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released September 23, 2016

delay in orbit chamber orchestra presents:

“in D”

a reinterpretation of terry riley’s classic “in c” composition, re-written by jonathan mackall


key players:

adam johnson- percussion
jonathan mackall- rhythm guitar, mixing
nick seman- lead guitar, recording, mastering, artwork
stephen troike- lead guitar, recording

recorded at furnace run studio before the civil war at hale farm, 2016

drawing inspiration from “in c’s” melodic content as well as its process-style composition and performance, jonathan wrote a number of riffs for each guitar player, with the explicit instructions of playing these melodies however they wanted, whenever they wanted, for however long they wanted. the guitar lines are meant to evoke various passages of “in c’s” original recording, but not necessarily match the source material note-for-note. while the two lead guitars were meant to provide the main melodic interest of the piece, the rhythm guitar was meant to provide a droning background note, the root, a D played on a downtuned jazzmaster in sync with an improvised percussion line.

performed on that hot august day were four takes of the song, each different. chosen for the listener is the second take, as it provided the broadest spectrum of dynamics and what felt like the most interesting convergences of random riff patterns. it was not necessarily the cleanest take, however, as the listener may find a note or beat flubbed from time to time. regardless, all in the spirit of capturing a raw improvisatory performance, we present to you warts and all, “in D (take 2)”.


“in D (talk in stereo version)”

jonathan mackall- guitars, drums, recording (guitars), mixing
nick seman- recording (drums), mastering

this version was meant as a simple riff on the ideas established on the first track. conceived of and recorded after the first track, “in D (talk in stereo version)” was created basically just because jonathan thought the guitar lines would sound good set to a motorik beat.

thanks to jeff and waves x-click

tessellations by wikipedia user tomruen




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